Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've been a bad blogger

Yes, I disappeared. Sorry about that. I actually now have a different position, though still supervising in a new call center. I'm happier, but busier. I'm sure more stories will come in the new job.

I wasn't too sad to leave. While things were improving, I was surrounded by supervisors who simply didn't care. I felt like I was shouldering the burden for everyone. It angered me that everyone's employees came to me with their affairs simply because they knew I would help them or find out the answer to a question. It was hard to not be there, sometimes -- one time when I was out at lunch, an agent decided to approach one of these other sups for help. One in particular was very well known for giving them the brush off -- even though she would be surfing the 'net, or talking with another supervisor.

Many people in my group were transferred to that same supervisor when I left. A lot of my good people were in tears or very upset because they were going back to her and didn't want to go. I was sad about it, but I encouraged them to go to management and say how they felt. I'd taken my issues with that person to management before, and never gotten them to do anything.

There's a point where you just throw up your hands and say, "It's enough." I can't save the world and I can't fix the problems because my hands are tied. I applied for another position, and got it. I was disappointed that nobody seemed to really care when I left the department, but oh well. I'm sure they see me as a meddler, and I don't care. Ultimately, I tried to make the company successful and helped the good employees better themselves. I have no regrets, but I'll be curious to find out how things go without me. I suspect one or more of the newer supervisors will try to fill my place, and end up getting frustrated when they're expected to do more work, and take on greater burdens, while certain others fake their way through it.

I guess all that I can say is that I'm sure I'll still have problems -- hell, it's still a call center -- but at least they will be NEW problems.


At Mon Nov 14, 04:33:00 PM 2005, Blogger Cogitating Call Center Manager said...

Hey Supervisor - glad to see you're still slogging through the Call Center mud. I thought you might have bailed.

At Wed Jul 02, 02:56:00 PM 2008, Blogger pugwash2 said...

You dont work for three customer service do you?


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